Seismic Leadership and Personal Impact Expert Grace Cho is a straight-talking, intuitive speaker who zeroes in on the heart of the matter. She harnesses the cumulative power of seismic nudges to challenge audiences to reach further and discover more than they thought possible. Drawing from over 20 years as a research physiologist, communications specialist, and consultant, Grace combines her science, communications, and coaching experiences to connect, inspire, and nudge people who care about life-engaged excellence.

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Rock Your Leadership Richter Scale

Leadership is the personal impact every person chooses to create in the face of existing circumstances and expectations. It is especially revealing in how we relate with others. Grace shares how to “unlock and rock” your Seismic Leadership Impact in a way that cultivates high-trust communications, simplifies decision-making, and builds personal resilience. Experience a seismic nudge that revs your leadership impact by challenging the biggest road-blocks to effective engagement and personal success.

Expandable into a half- or full-day leadership development session.

Live The Ride

Where is the upper limit of your potential? A motorcycle’s full potential maxes out at either fifth or sixth gear, but this isn’t about speed. You are designed for genuine impact, creativity, and inspiration – you possess a 7th gear. When we dismiss our most powerful strengths, possibilities elude us in life and in business. Invite Grace to share what it takes to reveal the “7th Gear Leader” within, to avoid the top three deadly distractions to personal and team excellence, and, above all, to live the ride.

Easily adapted for non-motorcyclists who care about living and leading with inspired excellence.
Expandable into a half- or full-day leadership development session.


Event & Meeting Themes

  • Curiosity
  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Mental agility
  • Trust
  • Transitions in life and business
  • Risk-taking
  • Inspiration
  • Focus and flow
  • Life-engaged leadership impact
  • Goal-setting and achievement

Ideal Audiences

  • Universities
  • Non-profit
  • Management
  • Staff and Teams
  • Human resources
  • Trade associations
  • Health and fitness
  • Automotive
  • Adventure
  • Public sector
  • Government
  • Outdoor associations

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