Body-Mind-Spirit Harmony and Joy — Guest post

bird-thread_BGuiledBrenda Guiled has been a kindred spirit friend since 1995 when we started our journeys in Okinawan go-ju (hard-soft) karate. While my life journey took a different path, Brenda continued on. In 2002, she graduated to 3rd-degree black belt and soon after founded the Salt Spring Shorei-Kan dojo on Salt Spring Island, BC, continuing since then as chief instructor. Recently, I found my old belt and recalled the wisdom in the metaphor of a black belt’s transition back to white through dedication and sustained commitment. I asked Brenda to share her journey through karate and its influence in her life. May Brenda’s story nudge your curiosity to discover where your own experiences and perspectives interweave. Thank you, Brenda for your always-curious creativity.

“White Bird” (monoprint) by Brenda Guiled.
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We talk about “getting it together”, to centre our life and somehow keep it that way. Big ‘somehow’!

There are reliable ways to do this and countless approaches. It comes down to one thing: bringing mind-body-spirit into such harmony and joy that it’s the normal state of being. ‘Mind’ is first in this modern-world arranging of these elements, with the body to carry it around, while the spirit is some ineffable other.   Continue reading Body-Mind-Spirit Harmony and Joy — Guest post


Silent majorities

On one side, there’s the silent majority that feels compelled to muffle and censor its pain, resistance, and vision. On the other is the silent majority whose encouragement, support, and love never see the light.

For both, there’s a sense of potential rejection. Sharing is stifled, vulnerability shunned.

There are things in this world that we consider as “silent killers”. Who would have thought that silence itself could be one of them?

You have a heart. You have a voice. Now what’s in your way?

Easy to swallow

During a writing project, someone suggested I change a word to something simpler so that readers would understand, make it easier to swallow. The offending word was “segue”. Any idea what resource would be helpful in this situation?

Tactics to dumb-down communications disrespect all involved. Simplify yes, dumb-down no. Likewise, tendencies to gloss over challenges, avoid discomfort, or opt for convenience might make things immediately palatable, but will shortchange connections and resilience.   Continue reading Easy to swallow

Part 3: Occupy Goo

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 3 of 5)

This is another big one. Discomfort. It shows up in many familiar forms – nervousness, fear, resistance, the desire to bolt, avoidance, stonewalling, retaliation, uncertainty, anger. Which ones are your go-to reactions?

This isn’t about the discomfort of tolerating situations that compromise your integrity, or physical and emotional health… that’s your instinct telling you that something is wrong or dangerous. This also isn’t about physically venturing outside your comfort zone through new actions, although it can serve as an access point for insightful self-discoveries. It is about taking a stand for the opportunities, conversations, and relationships that are meaningful to you – those which hold potential for greater connection, love, and fulfillment.  Continue reading Part 3: Occupy Goo

Soul food

When the well is dry, it’s dry. Even with the best of intentions, you won’t get a single drop no matter how often you try. When the fridge has nothing tasty to offer, repeatedly closing and opening the door won’t cause treats to materialize, no matter how hungry you may be. I have personally tested the latter thinking that if I just shift my perspective, I might see something I didn’t notice before. No dice.

When you push yourself for extended periods, you risk drying up your well of internal resources. Shifting perspectives shows mindfulness and a maturity in self-management. It opens up possibilities and choices. Yet it’s not always a matter of working harder, thinking longer, focusing stronger.

Sometimes you simply need to get groceries. Maybe take a walk in the rain and get soaking wet.

You won’t get far when you are low on energy, connection or hope. The premium is too high a price to pay when you keep shunting yourself to the back of the line. Replenish that which nourishes you. Let the rains rejuvenate you. Take a step back. Take a breather. There’s only one you and we need you.

Where will you bring replenishment and nourishment into your life today?