High fidelity of B-sides

Let’s say you own a vinyl record album called “Fully Resilient”. The A-side would likely feature songs about positivity, strength, and gratitude with liberal sprinkles of affirmations and courageous quotes. Everyone wants to rock to the A-side. The B-side gets less play, yet it holds creative gems that tend to get overlooked. Maybe the lyrics aren’t as snappy or the scores are less catchy.   Continue reading High fidelity of B-sides


Paradox of boundless spaces

Sometimes there are places you must simply ride alone. These are the spaces of reflection, awareness and self-mastery.

You expose the deep and vital landmarks to guide you through unmarked, unfamiliar, and sometimes unfriendly, terrain.

You choose this solo ride because you are designed to explore expansive lands.

You “live the ride” because you already know that what you discover holds the power to transform your mind and heart.

You learn the paradox of boundless spaces: there is no room for fear.

Keep the door open

For a while, I had been experiencing techy issues for my office. While we are creatures with extraordinary capabilities to adapt, the lack of certain business services can be highly disruptive. Projects and proposals were pending and working from an alternate location for an unknown period added an element of uncertainty.

Calling my business service provider to find a solution, I was told I had only two options – either, or – according to the company’s policy. Neither option was a step forward. I made a proposal. It got a “no”; it didn’t adhere to company policy. My request to make the proposal to a different department was met with, “Good luck with that.” (i.e., a pre-emptive “no”).  Continue reading Keep the door open

Love letter from a long lost friend

Dear Friend,

It’s been such a long time since we were last together. I remember the first time we connected. There was a definite spark. Your eyes twinkled, your heartbeat quickened, and your smile made my day. It was genuine, but all too brief. I miss you.

We lost touch over the years. You didn’t know where to find me, yet I was always here. You kept passing by me each day. I tried to catch your attention, sometimes through a memory, a song, a conversation you overheard, or a flashback.  Continue reading Love letter from a long lost friend