Uncomplicated joy

On the same theme as last week’s post (Bigger Picture Unleashed), let’s meet Walter, a fellow water-lover.

Walter is my hero. He is the epitome of uncomplicated joy in action. I watch this video when I need a motivational nudge and a laugh.

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Rev it up!

The ability to cultivate motivation in the face of personal or professional challenges reflects how we view the world and how we create our own leadership impact. It’s not always easy or straightforward.

Creating your leadership impact isn’t about conquering the world or blasting through obstacles. Your life is sculpted by variable terrain that calls for resilience, awareness, and a readiness to adapt to different opportunities.

As a motorcycle enthusiast, I often call upon the riding experience to refresh, refuel, and redefine my motivational traction when the going gets gooey. Riding a motorcycle shifts my perspective, even when I can’t actually ride. Perspective is everything. It’s clarity. It’s pure momentum that will convey you as far as you dare.

Even if you don’t ride a motorcycle, what is the experience that revs things up for you? When you re-immerse yourself in that peak experience, take another look at whatever challenge or opportunity you face.

From that peak perspective, what does that opportunity look like now?

Lean into the turn

While learning to ride a motorcycle, I quickly discovered the folly of braking while turning. Unlike bicycling, you can’t slow down to a crawl mid-turn and expect to hold up a 400-pound motorcycle already leaning at an angle.

In life, turning means we’re changing directions, shifting paths, trying something new… even if it’s just test-driving a new idea. We’re very good at applying the brakes mid-turn and talking ourselves out of an idea before fully exploring the possibilities. These metaphorical brakes are unique to each of us with their own sounds and messages.

Such a nasty cycle: we try something new, then apply the brakes when we feel discomfort or one route doesn’t work out as expected, so we learn to avoid turning at all. We steer clear from new paths due to preconceived obstacles.

Turning requires conscious choice followed by intentional action and follow-through. Leaning into the turn with momentum gives you balance and power. Only when you’re mid-turn can you see beyond to where you want to go.

Lean into the turn. Lean into your curiosity and all possibilities. Keep up the momentum en route to a new phase of your Seismic Life.

Let there be space

No two substances can occupy the same space at the same time. I’m no physicist, but I’m pretty sure this is impossible at the atomic level. In real life, this is easily illustrated by a fender bender… no two vehicles can (or should ever) occupy the same space simultaneously.

My one word for this new year is “spacious” in all of its manifestations physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Since this journey started last year I don’t classify it as a New Year’s Resolution, yet it will define this year in many ways. What one word do you choose?

I would also argue against making space by crowding whatever is already there, as illustrated by most people’s closets, garages, or junk drawers. As a metaphor for our own heart and mind, crowding is the antithesis of openness. At some point, the old and unviable tolerances must go. No more smothering! Let the newly-created spaces breathe.

Letting go invites abundance.

What will be the first thing you choose to let go?

I never wanted to be a co-active coach

I never wanted to be a coach. Never in the 20-plus years of my career history from animal physiologist to communications specialist did personal or business coaching ever show up on my radar. It may as well have been the stardust sprinkled on a rock located on a moon orbiting a distant planet in another galaxy – that’s how far coaching was off my radar. Yet at a critical juncture when my communications consulting business was poised to grow, my life and that proverbial stardust were destined to cross paths.

For over two decades, I had let logic determine my career trajectory. Intuition took a back seat and I had tread my way through the years to a crossroads where the next step eluded me. Here, logic was painfully inadequate. I wanted a business coach. In my search, I found The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). The more I read about their work, the more I felt like I was coming home to what I was born to do. THUNK! It all finally clicked.

So against all logic, and to the surprise of family and friends, I unleashed my natural intuition and took a step of faith. I’ll never look back. Imagine doing a cannonball jump off the end of a dock expecting a cold splash only to find the water warm, welcoming, dynamic and playful. That’s what Fundamentals training is. Heck, that’s what the on-going co-active® journey is!

The first of five courses in CTI’s core curriculum, Fundamentals training is the launch pad to coach development. It offers an experiential smorgasbord of co-active® “tools” through practice coaching with fellow students.

As an introvert, my biggest challenge in Fundamentals training was overcoming the perception that a coach always knows what to say. Being in the role of “coach” with a practice partner made my heart race each time. The funny thing is that my biggest challenge led to a whopper of an eye-opener: it’s often when coaches pause and say nothing that dramatic insights from the “coachee” come to light. It was from my silence, when I was stuck, tongue-tied and stewing to find something, anything, to say, that my “clients” struck gold with their own insights and creativity. Silence gave them the space to tap into their own resourcefulness. Over time, I learned to trust my curiosity and intuition, and to let go of coaching expectations.

Fundamentals was nothing what I expected, yet it was everything I needed to bridge the personal and professional me in a way that aligns with every single value I uphold. How many professions can make that claim?

CTI coaches often refer to integrating co-activity into their life purpose as “drinking the (co-active®) Kool-aid”. If that’s true – and it is – then Fundamentals training is like the first sip of clear fresh cold water after a drought. It perks you up and leaves you wanting more.

Where do you want to go from here?


This is a guest post for The Coaches Training Institute.