Wrenching with heart and soul

A while back, I took a motorcycle maintenance course. It was a combination of classroom seminars on basic bike mechanics and hands-on demonstrations, complete with a day in the shop to work on our own bikes. Everyone in the course wanted new knowledge and basic mechanical skills to make minor adjustments and repairs.

We were riders of different ages and different competencies, yet even the most experienced was open to discovering what lives beneath the surface. We were a curious bunch and, with our instructor nearby, we gained the confidence to take tools to our bikes.

When it comes to wrenching, the questions that haunt the newly initiated include, “If I take this apart, can I put it back together? Properly? What if I find extra bolts lying around afterward? Do I trust myself?”
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Redefining moments

It’s a harsh realization to learn that you’re valued more for what you do rather than for who you are. It’s harsher still if you think that what you do is everything you can do, that it’s too late. The cruelest of all is a belief that who you are right now is all you can be, that there’s nothing more to discover. Who dared to tell you these lies? Unforgivable.  Continue reading Redefining moments

Easy to swallow

During a writing project, someone suggested I change a word to something simpler so that readers would understand, make it easier to swallow. The offending word was “segue”. Any idea what resource would be helpful in this situation?

Tactics to dumb-down communications disrespect all involved. Simplify yes, dumb-down no. Likewise, tendencies to gloss over challenges, avoid discomfort, or opt for convenience might make things immediately palatable, but will shortchange connections and resilience.   Continue reading Easy to swallow

Part 5 of 5: Flip It!

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 5 of 5)

Welcome to the finale of the Seismic Resilience Series.

Resilience is a process that manifests as a thought, an action, a perspective, a reflection, a decision. Above all, resilience is all about choices. You get to choose.

You choose whether to notice your frustrations and expectations, or to succumb to them (Frustrated Attachments – http://bit.ly/174E5L9). You choose your perspectives through curiosity and creativity, or be held hostage to them (Author, Director and Star – http://bit.ly/1gBcFil). You choose to navigate through the “goo” to reach the gold on  the other side, or stay stuck in neutral (Occupy Goo – http://bit.ly/19cWLMx). And you choose to unearth and acknowledge your strengths and wisdom gained from past challenges, or bury the best of who you are (Through New Eyes – http://bit.ly/GPtnA1).

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Part 1: Frustrated Attachments

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 1 of 5)

Welcome to the first of five parts in the Seismic Resilience Series.

Resilience has been on my radar for a long time. In essence, resilience is the capacity to withstand and navigate stress and crises. What’s intrinsically powerful about this is the meaning of capacity. It does not mean having a ready solution or freedom from feeling the impact of negative experiences. Capacity means having the potential, ability, and agility – regardless of situation, unexpected events, or transitions.

You have an innate capacity for resilience stemming from your personal experiences. It takes curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness to be resilient. Because I also fully believe that you have an innate capacity for curiosity, creativity, and resourcefulness, it is within your reach to unlock and access your unique resilience.

In keeping with my working philosophy to instigate “seismic nudges”, the Seismic Resilience Series simply point to five high-potential portals to greater resiliency.  Continue reading Part 1: Frustrated Attachments