Final countdown

Reaching a personal milestone can be unexpected. Take my early morning run yesterday – it was still dark, rainy, and chilly. It was also the week I upped my training mileage.

As I approached the last traffic light at the end of my route, I was at that threshold distance where you wonder whether the green light was stale enough to justify slowing down or early enough to warrant, heaven forbid, a final sprint.  Continue reading Final countdown


The “10” I almost missed

“Seismic nudges” feature prominently in my coaching practice and speaking engagements. Such nudges can have an impact ranging from barely perceptible all the way to 10 on your personal Richter scale. Recently, I got served a “10” that started out as a “1”.

In June, I launched an initiative after spending the previous year occupied with delay tactics, heel-digging, and dodging the launch pad. Yes, even coaches get in their own way. When I finally took a deep breath and put my idea out to the universe, I thought I had the big picture in mind.

During a conversation with a potential advocate of my initiative, they posed a question that I mentally dismissed at the time, yet it kept bugging me. That was my “1”. The  implications didn’t hit me until two days later. Hello, “10”!

Apologies for being vague. The details aren’t important here. What’s important is that even though we may have a clear vision of what we want, there’s still room for possibilities on top of your possibilities.

What possibilities are you dismissing right now?

Bridges are not for crossing

Bridges make any journey easier. They get you safely over the rough parts.

Yet, what if you had the chance to build it in the first place? Maybe it depends on how much you want to get to the other side or how costly it is to stay put.

So here you stand on this side of your potential, vision, opportunity, relationship, partnership (a.k.a. where you are now). Will you turn around and return to what’s “safe” and easy? Are you waiting for permission? Will you wait for someone else to build it for you?

Bridges aren’t about crossing over – they’re about connecting with. Reaching out to connect isn’t always easy. It can be full-out uncomfortable and risky, but you get to design it, create it, stretch with it.

Here’s the thing about bridges: they can be built from both sides. When you reach out, it’s an invitation for the other side (whatever or whomever is on the other side) to connect, too.

You get to unlock what was once believed inaccessible. What else do you get to access?

This is your chance to connect. What’s next?

Always yes

Shrek bobble-headThere’s a Shrek bobble-head on my desk. Handsome green fellow. Always smiling. Always nodding “yes”.

He reminds me that our Seismic Life gains traction when we choose “yes” in spite of our fears, doubts, and discomfort. Yes to choices. Yes to opportunities. Yes, even, to failure and daring to aim higher… because courage is a huge YES to getting closer to where you want to go, even if it means schlepping through a swamp.

Yes is an invitation to possibilities that would have otherwise remained invisible. So how dare you take the easy way out with that other two-letter word!

What will you say ‘yes’ to?

Shades of tenacity – Guest post

DoreenWhen I first met fellow motorcycle enthusiast Doreen Walmsley, she had just become a co-owner of Vancouver BMW-Ducati. Since then, she and I had some great chats about what it means to be a leader and to manifest a life based on your values in a way that supports those around you. As a single mom and co-owner of a growing business community with the recent launch of a new store, Ducati Richmond, Doreen exemplifies the varying shades of tenacity (her ‘theme’ for the year) and integrity in her personal and professional life. She says she is inspired by people who follow their passions and persevere, and who can remain positive despite difficult circumstances. Hate to break this to you, Doreen, but that sounds just like you!

1.  What is your top core value and/or compelling purpose? How does it show up in your life?

My top core values are honesty and transparency. I don’t like masks or fake people. I’m okay with others knowing my weaknesses and fears and letting myself be vulnerable. I would rather people know the real me, imperfect as I am. My compelling purpose is to have a full life, to be a positive influence to others, and to share my joy and passions. One way I do that is to ride my motorcycle purely for the sheer pleasure of it… so enticing, the feeling of freedom, the loud rumble of my pipes. Asking me why I like to ride is like asking someone why they like roller coasters, it’s just a lot of fun!

2.  What was your biggest insight from last year? What one word would define this year?

Probably the biggest lesson I got last year is that sometimes you get what you wish for, so be prepared! One word to define my new year is “tenacity”.

3.  Describe the last time you stretched outside your comfort zone. What’s next?

I feel like I am constantly going outside of my comfort zone. My first adventure motorcycle trip in South Africa in 2012 was probably my biggest stretch. I am not a long distance rider so touring every day in a foreign land with many days in bad weather conditions – torrential rains, high winds, and thick fog – stretched me. It’s like exercising – you work out until your muscles are completely spent and you feel weak, but, in fact, that is what makes you stronger.

My next adventure is to get on the track. It is important for me because I want to keep improving as a rider. Adventure to me is doing something that is new or out of the ordinary, whether it is checking out a new restaurant or getting myself lost riding on the North Shore.

4.  What challenge are you currently facing? What’s possible because of it?

My current challenge is to learn more about running businesses. In a former position I was on the board of directors, but being directly involved in the business is definitely an opportunity to be tenacious and to build connections. I enjoy gaining insights and wisdom from those with more experience. It opens up more possibilities to be creative and to think “outside the box”.

DOREEN WALMSLEY, Co-owner of Vancouver BMW-Ducati and Ducati Richmond.

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