Deflating dread

What difficult conversation are you avoiding? How is your body responding to the thought of it? More than the fear of not knowing what to say is the physical sensation of dread that blocks effective engagement. If you’re worried about what to say, don’t. When you use the conversational framework I wrote about in Keep the Door Open, trust your intuition and compassion that the content will align with the context.

Dread often prevents a much-needed conversation from happening in a timely manner which, in turn, comes full-circle to exacerbate the initial trepidation. Unnecessary dread holds many necessary conversations and relationships ransom.

Here’s the truth about breaking this useless cycle: When you ease through the “goo” and physical discomfort of dread, it frees up your capacity to be creative, resilient, empathetic, and resourceful.    Continue reading Deflating dread


Keep the door open

For a while, I had been experiencing techy issues for my office. While we are creatures with extraordinary capabilities to adapt, the lack of certain business services can be highly disruptive. Projects and proposals were pending and working from an alternate location for an unknown period added an element of uncertainty.

Calling my business service provider to find a solution, I was told I had only two options – either, or – according to the company’s policy. Neither option was a step forward. I made a proposal. It got a “no”; it didn’t adhere to company policy. My request to make the proposal to a different department was met with, “Good luck with that.” (i.e., a pre-emptive “no”).  Continue reading Keep the door open

The inconvenience of generosity

In earlier posts, I’ve mentioned how the conscious practice of resilience when it’s least convenient is the key that bolsters resilience multi-fold  (Occupy Goo). It feels counterintuitive, but getting through the “goo” is the fastest way to get to the gold on the other side.  Continue reading The inconvenience of generosity

Part 3: Occupy Goo

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 3 of 5)

This is another big one. Discomfort. It shows up in many familiar forms – nervousness, fear, resistance, the desire to bolt, avoidance, stonewalling, retaliation, uncertainty, anger. Which ones are your go-to reactions?

This isn’t about the discomfort of tolerating situations that compromise your integrity, or physical and emotional health… that’s your instinct telling you that something is wrong or dangerous. This also isn’t about physically venturing outside your comfort zone through new actions, although it can serve as an access point for insightful self-discoveries. It is about taking a stand for the opportunities, conversations, and relationships that are meaningful to you – those which hold potential for greater connection, love, and fulfillment.  Continue reading Part 3: Occupy Goo

Lost connections

Do you remember the first time you answered the telephone to a pre-recorded message and was then put on hold? It was a new approach to telemarketing for automated mass outreach. After a stunned moment, did you hang up? I did. What was your impression?

I assumed that if you stayed on the line long enough, it was detected and something human would speak to you. I never tested this hypothesis because I always hang up when I sense no one is really there. Maybe you experienced something similar during in-person conversations.  Continue reading Lost connections