High fidelity of B-sides

Let’s say you own a vinyl record album called “Fully Resilient”. The A-side would likely feature songs about positivity, strength, and gratitude with liberal sprinkles of affirmations and courageous quotes. Everyone wants to rock to the A-side. The B-side gets less play, yet it holds creative gems that tend to get overlooked. Maybe the lyrics aren’t as snappy or the scores are less catchy.   Continue reading High fidelity of B-sides


Everything you need to fly


“Leap, and the net will appear.”  ~  John Burroughs

How do you feel about this quote? While inspirational and positive, it has never fully resonated with me. My impression was always one of passivity – dropping safely into a net when the outcome doesn’t pan out the way you want it to.

This is not about avoiding failure at all costs. And it’s not about doing it all yourself.  Continue reading Everything you need to fly

What I know for sure

It’s natural to want to know the outcome before it happens. Before taking a step in any direction, you want to know for sure that you’re making the “right” decisions, that safeguards are set up, and that risks are minimized. When things get a little foggy and the way forward isn’t clear, we want even more information.

Is this how we cultivate our intuition?  Continue reading What I know for sure

The “10” I almost missed

“Seismic nudges” feature prominently in my coaching practice and speaking engagements. Such nudges can have an impact ranging from barely perceptible all the way to 10 on your personal Richter scale. Recently, I got served a “10” that started out as a “1”.

In June, I launched an initiative after spending the previous year occupied with delay tactics, heel-digging, and dodging the launch pad. Yes, even coaches get in their own way. When I finally took a deep breath and put my idea out to the universe, I thought I had the big picture in mind.

During a conversation with a potential advocate of my initiative, they posed a question that I mentally dismissed at the time, yet it kept bugging me. That was my “1”. The  implications didn’t hit me until two days later. Hello, “10”!

Apologies for being vague. The details aren’t important here. What’s important is that even though we may have a clear vision of what we want, there’s still room for possibilities on top of your possibilities.

What possibilities are you dismissing right now?

Filling the gap

Recently, I was asked why some Seismic eShift postings seem to leave readers dangling.

“Dangling”, as in there should be some sort of closure. An answer. A definitive direction to take. Otherwise, the loop is left open with a gap of uncertainty because the outcome could be anything.

Uncertainty can be disconcerting. Discomfort is, by definition, uncomfortable. You can bet I get curious about that uncertainty and discomfort. What was it that made you see or feel something you didn’t want to see or feel?

I specialize in ‘seismic nudges’. The gap is all yours to bridge as you live your life from moment to moment. Your choices. Your amazing story. Now if THAT makes you uncomfortable – the idea that you’re the true author of your own story – then I’m more than willing to risk your discomfort.

What are you willing to risk in service of your Seismic Life?