Final countdown

Reaching a personal milestone can be unexpected. Take my early morning run yesterday – it was still dark, rainy, and chilly. It was also the week I upped my training mileage.

As I approached the last traffic light at the end of my route, I was at that threshold distance where you wonder whether the green light was stale enough to justify slowing down or early enough to warrant, heaven forbid, a final sprint.  Continue reading Final countdown


Premature celebration

Championships and reputations have been lost this way.

There are many instances of premature celebration at all levels in the sporting world – triathlon, football, soccer, snowboarding, motocross, motorcycle racing, rollerblading, bicycling, rugby, bull-fighting, horse-racing, biathlon.

Miscounting the number of laps. Coasting to the finish line. Obliviousness to a soccer ball’s backspin. Tossing the ball in victory a half-step from the end zone. All is lost in a moment of inattention, in celebration of getting something not yet secured. It’s almost painful to watch.   Continue reading Premature celebration

You find what you look for

A colleague recently asked for assistance in purchasing and establishing a business website domain. Having faith in her natural resourcefulness, I suggested a domain registrar and that she follow the simple steps to set up her account.

A few days later, my friend told me that, in her online search for the correct website, some highly suggestive and questionable results were coming up. It turns out the search term she typed was “BigDaddy”!   Continue reading You find what you look for

Part 3: Occupy Goo

Seismic Resilience Series (Part 3 of 5)

This is another big one. Discomfort. It shows up in many familiar forms – nervousness, fear, resistance, the desire to bolt, avoidance, stonewalling, retaliation, uncertainty, anger. Which ones are your go-to reactions?

This isn’t about the discomfort of tolerating situations that compromise your integrity, or physical and emotional health… that’s your instinct telling you that something is wrong or dangerous. This also isn’t about physically venturing outside your comfort zone through new actions, although it can serve as an access point for insightful self-discoveries. It is about taking a stand for the opportunities, conversations, and relationships that are meaningful to you – those which hold potential for greater connection, love, and fulfillment.  Continue reading Part 3: Occupy Goo

Plan Y

When you set out on a certain course of action or intent, how often do you consider a Plan B? Or even a Plan C or D? How extensive are the contingency plans? When Plan D proves unsuccessful, what then? Give up. Design a Plan E. Revisit plans A through D to see if they’ll work in the next round.

Tell me what happens when you get to Plan Y. Not quite the final straw – Plan Z is on deck. What now?

At this point, they’re not contingency plans. They’re options. And since I believe there are more options and choices than there are letters in any alphabet, there’s always a chance.