Just checking

When the universe seems obsessed with flinging endless delays, glitches, and temptations in your path, surrender beckons ever more sweetly. Yet through the din of distractions comes the merest whisper:

“Are you sure?”
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Wrenching with heart and soul

A while back, I took a motorcycle maintenance course. It was a combination of classroom seminars on basic bike mechanics and hands-on demonstrations, complete with a day in the shop to work on our own bikes. Everyone in the course wanted new knowledge and basic mechanical skills to make minor adjustments and repairs.

We were riders of different ages and different competencies, yet even the most experienced was open to discovering what lives beneath the surface. We were a curious bunch and, with our instructor nearby, we gained the confidence to take tools to our bikes.

When it comes to wrenching, the questions that haunt the newly initiated include, “If I take this apart, can I put it back together? Properly? What if I find extra bolts lying around afterward? Do I trust myself?”
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The Dalai Lama as a tortoiseshell fur-ball

Cat earsMy cat doesn’t have a vengeful bone in her body. I’ve accidentally stepped on her feet, tripped over her, and sat on her many times over the 10 years we’ve been together.

Each time I inadvertently caused brief pain, she would run off for only a few steps and look back at me. I always felt awful. She must sense my sincerity and pain for causing her pain, however, because she always waits for me to come closer and put my forehead to her forehead. Then the purring begins. All is forgiven.

Face it: how easy is it to trust someone who is 15-25 times heavier than you, 10 times taller than you, controls your meals, subjects you to unknown scary places like the veterinary clinic, garbles your language, and, to top it off, sometimes steps or sits on you?

When they’re sincere, you trust and forgive them, quickly and completely.

Who are you in this scenario?