Love letter from a long lost friend

Dear Friend,

It’s been such a long time since we were last together. I remember the first time we connected. There was a definite spark. Your eyes twinkled, your heartbeat quickened, and your smile made my day. It was genuine, but all too brief. I miss you.

We lost touch over the years. You didn’t know where to find me, yet I was always here. You kept passing by me each day. I tried to catch your attention, sometimes through a memory, a song, a conversation you overheard, or a flashback.  Continue reading Love letter from a long lost friend


What I know for sure

It’s natural to want to know the outcome before it happens. Before taking a step in any direction, you want to know for sure that you’re making the “right” decisions, that safeguards are set up, and that risks are minimized. When things get a little foggy and the way forward isn’t clear, we want even more information.

Is this how we cultivate our intuition?  Continue reading What I know for sure

Plan Y

When you set out on a certain course of action or intent, how often do you consider a Plan B? Or even a Plan C or D? How extensive are the contingency plans? When Plan D proves unsuccessful, what then? Give up. Design a Plan E. Revisit plans A through D to see if they’ll work in the next round.

Tell me what happens when you get to Plan Y. Not quite the final straw – Plan Z is on deck. What now?

At this point, they’re not contingency plans. They’re options. And since I believe there are more options and choices than there are letters in any alphabet, there’s always a chance.

Sweat equity in sweet success

There’s no chocolate in my home. I don’t keep chocolate here anymore. If I truly crave it and I can’t stop thinking about it for a full day (yes, I wait that long) and my focus is suffering as a result (this does happen), then I have to walk to the local store for it.

This summer, I’m upping the ante by cycling down the big hill from my place and taking the long way around to a store only a kilometre away as the crow flies. That takes a rather significant degree of commitment because it means donning my riding gear, not to mention thrashing the big climb on the final home stretch.

Why bother with the effort?

Because. Chocolate. Is. Worth. It.
And because it’s a metaphor for the tantalizing, decadent vision our souls long to savour once achieved.

Something to be cherished is worth the effort in earning it, building it, creating it, risking failure for it, cultivating it, dreaming it, and dropping less worthy pursuits to reach it.

What is worthy in your life that’s worth the effort?

You, the masterpiece

I know who you are. You’re an artist, architect, and inventor. You already have everything you need to create the kind of impact you want to have.

Where you are at this moment – whether it’s your first iota of growing awareness or the one-millionth step of your journey – is already a masterpiece not because it’s flawless or complete, but because it’s your truth and your compelling purpose coming alive.

And you dared to start it in the first place.

What compels you onward?