This is just for you. Create the best of your life for the rest of your life. Work with me to rock your personal and leadership Richter scale.

You can choose a six-month or nine-month experience:

Six months

Traction and clarity are yours.

You got this!

  • 100% confidentiality every step of the way. You get a safe place to sound off, explore, and discover possibilities;
  • A one-time Groundworks Session (1.5 h) gets the ball rolling. We discover where you are now and explore what’s next;
  • Two 45-minute coaching sessions each month by phone or Skype (ideal for international sessions);
  • Phone and email access to me in-between sessions to touch base as needed;
  • Practical, science-backed tools that help you stay focused and motivated with your chosen goals;
  • A take-no-guff coach who will tell you the hard truth with whole-hearted compassion and integrity in support of your Seismic Life and leadership impact;
  • A coach who celebrates your truths, progress, “Aha!” moments, and brilliance right along with you;
  • Receive inspirational and reflective “seismic nudges” delivered right to your inbox;
  • Get my top 7 counter-intuitive tips that sabotage your saboteurs.

$375/month or $2,100 upfront (save $150)

Nine months

Generate momentum and never look back. You receive all the benefits above for nine months with extra savings.

$375/month or $3,100 upfront (save $275)


“Now with a very rewarding business that grew considerably after working with her, I thank Grace for the belief she instilled in me. Grace helped me get unstuck, to dream wider and to put concrete deadlines around things that needed getting done.” 
~ Jenny McKinney, Professional Makeup Artist


If you’re serious about making real changes in your life and personal excellence, then take advantage of a free and confidential 30-minute consultation. Connect with Grace.