Pull together as a team. Integrating a coach-like approach can “unlock and rock” the innate performance capacity of your team or organization. Build the collective leadership “muscle” for excellence fueled by respect, trust, agility, and focus.


Training alone improves performance by 22 percent. Training combined with executive coaching improves performance by 88 percent. (1)


Working with high-performance business owners, senior managers, and small teams has made one thing super clear: you can’t cross the finish line (i.e., reach meaningful goals) on technical competence alone. Professional blind spots, iffy communications, and ineffective personal leadership skills mar the path to higher trust and satisfaction, and make the road bumpier and longer than necessary.


The ROI of coaching is 500-700 percent. (2)


A one-size-fits-all mindset does not jive with the Seismic Leadership philosophy. Flexibility and the power of seismic nudges are always built right in to work best with your group. Seismic Leadership team experiences are perfectly customized for small group workshops, professional development, seminars, team retreats, and staff training for small-to-medium businesses and organizations that care about life-engaged excellence.

You got this!

  • 100% confidentiality every step of the way;
  • Initial conversation to discuss specific goals and needs, and to explore possibilities;
  • Fully customized leadership experience to meet your needs (half-day or full-day sessions);
  • Team coaching session(s) on-site and/or individual coaching by phone or Skype;
  • Shift to more effective, high-trust communication among all team members;
  • A coach/facilitator who is flexible, respectful, and easy to work with.


“Grace has an ability to connect with ease… Our group had fun, and we left our coaching session with new perspectives and vitality. I noticed our language has changed, and we are able to bring new ways of being to our meetings and day to day work. Thank you, Grace!”
~ Cathy Hutchinson, Educational Advising Unit, University of the Fraser Valley


If you’re serious about making real changes in your personal excellence or team performance, then take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation to explore how to customize your team experience. Connect with Grace.


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(2) J. McGovern et al. Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching: Behavioral Change, Organizational Outcomes, and Return on Investment. The Manchester Review, 2001. Vol. 6, No. 1.